Simplifying the Purchasing Process

DS Cars wants to ensure that you walk out happy with your vehicle purchase.

We are here to make your life easier with financing plans that are customized to your exact needs, whatever the circumstances good or bad.

Looking for a finance solution that has great rates and even better monthly payment options? DS Cars has got you covered.

From the beginning stages to the transaction phase, we are here to make your purchasing experience a whole lot easier.

Please use our personal customised finance calculator to your needs and if the sums add up you can apply directly for a speedy way to own your new car. This can be found under the Finance Calculator tab in all our vehicles.

Hire Purchase (HP)

A straightforward financing option that offers you the security of a set interest rate and regular monthly payments for the duration of the contract. You can tailor the down payment and repayment duration to fit your budget and the expected time you'll retain the car. You can contribute a trade-in value on your current vehicle towards the down payment, or if you want, you can just put down a cash deposit.

  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Low Deposit
  • Ownership of Car
  • Budget with confidence
  • Freedom, no mileage restrictions
  • Ability to settle the loan early
Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Similar to a hire purchase contract, but with more flexibility because a portion of the cost is postponed until the conclusion of the contract, which may result in cheaper monthly payments for you. Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), also known as Optional Final Payment, is the term for the postponed sum.

At the end of your PCP agreement, you then have a number of options.

  • 1 - Part-exchange your car and put any equity you have over the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value down as a down payment on your subsequent purchase.
  • 2 - Maintain ownership of your vehicle by paying the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value.
  • 3 - Refinance the final balloon payment.
  • 4 - Provided the car is returned in good condition and within the agreed-upon mileage limits, there will be no more charges.
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