To help you fully understand how the DS Cars Used Car Warranty works we’ve collated some frequently asked questions.

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What is covered by the DS Cars Warranty?


The Approved Used Car Warranty covers most factory fitted mechanical and electrical devices. Please see what is not covered by the Warranty, as the Approved Used Car Warranty is so comprehensive it was easier to list everything not included! See the supplied information document

What is not covered by the DS Cars supplied warranty?


The items not covered by the Approved Used Car Warranty are as follows: Brake and clutch facings, discs and drums, bulbs and fuses, channels and guides, weather strips and seals, handles, hinges and check straps, trim, upholstery, seat belts and cosmetic finishes, wheels and tyres, wiper blades and arms, glass, auxiliary drive belts, coolant and fuel hoses, the cleaning and adjustment of any component and all service items or items that will require periodic replacement. The DS Cars Used Car Warranty also does not cover corrosion.


How long does the Warranty last?


Your DS Cars Approved Used Car Warranty will last for a minimum of 6 months. 

Is the Warranty renewable?


Relying on the fact that your car has been serviced in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, you will be entitled to extend your warranty cover.

What is the maximum liability claim?


The most that will be paid out for your car under the warranty is the max claim limit agreed in your warranty plan when you purchased your vehicle.

How do I make a claim? You can make a claim at any VAT registered garage or through DS Cars. All service and maintenance and repairs must be carried out as required for the vehicle to be covered under Warranty.

Full terms and conditions can be found within your policy documents.

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